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Scale Buster is the world-leading mobile app dedicated to the trucking industry.

Note to Apple iOS users: We have discovered that some of you may be having a slight issue when you first download the App. If you will download it, close it, then double click on your "home" button and close down all open Apps. You will then be able to open Scale Buster without any issues. This is due to the App resetting your GPS location. By closing the App completely, it will reboot, and will work properly. Thank you for your continued support. The Scale Buster Team

Note to Apple &Android users: Please be aware that you have to allow Scale Buster to access your location for the app to function properly. In your settings go to privacy, then location services. You have to turn on share my location and set Scale Buster to always. You can leave all other apps at Never or only when using.

About Scale Buster

We are the only mobile app to provide a safety net for drivers and business owners in the transportation industry. We help drivers protect themselves from being possibly put out of service due to the high cost of Department of Transportation fines.

Get the Scale Buster free app to start (with advertisement geared for the transportation industry). Once you’ve fallen in love, upgrade to the nominal priced monthly subscription that does away with ads and includes portable scale notifications by PUSH notification.

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Everything You Need To Know

The Scale Busters app includes all of the hard DOT inspection sites, Port of Entry scales, state patrol locations, gas & rest stops, plus the ability to locate other obstacles such as traffic accidents, road hazzards traffic jams, or road construction zones.

Live Updates

Scale Buster is a user-run application that harnesses the power of millions of drivers actively on the roads to watch out for DOT portable scales. A user can drop an initial pin to mark a portable scale location. A second user notification will “VERIFY” the initial pin so that drivers don’t get “False Positives.” Then, the Scale Buster app will instantly notify all of the other app users where law enforcement is hiding out!

Completely Customizable

Whether it’s your usual route or you are just passing through and want to remember a great restaurant, you can customize and drop locator pins wherever you want. Lock and load those hidden treasures so you can easily find them again next time you swing through.

Mission Statement

The Scale Buster mission is to protect drivers and create the safest environment for every truck driver on the road delivering essential goods across this great nation of ours! Our goal is to protect drivers from delays, fines and harassment from the DOT.

We can’t do it alone. The app relies on our extended Scale Buster family to use the app and post the locations of DOT Portable Scales, Inspection Sites, and Stings so we can look out for each other as we roll across the US. The more drivers using the app, the more effective it is.

To accomplish this, we’ve offered the Scale Buster app for FREE to ensure users can create the largest safety net possible.

The Scale Buster Team